Thailand, The Leper Colonies
These are pictures of Sawat the pastor at the
Prapadange Leper Colony. Tommy Tillman has
known him for 25 years and he's had leprosy for
longer. He has just recently gone blind and in his
later years his health is declining rapidly. But since
he has been saved, he will get a glorified new body.
No one knows how his wife doesn't have leprosy,
but shes been with him since Tommy met them.
This is a picture of a leper woman from our leper
colony in prapadange. The leprosy has eaten her
fingers and her left leg.
This is a picture of a man at our church in the
Prapadange Leper Colony. He is in the early stages
of leprosy. Look at the discoloration on his leg.
This is one of the last surviving pictures of
Mrs. Nu, after Hurricane Katrina. She is one
of the lepers that helped Tommy after his
heart-attack in Thailand. The man on the left
is her husband, he said he could have left her
when she caught leprosy, and not have
caught it himself, but he loved her too much.
They are both mentioned in his book,
Embracing the Untouchables. She is now in
heaven with her glorified new body.
This is a picture of Mrs. Nu's foot
This is a leper man at Christmas time, we gave
them all presents. We supply food, clothes, and
rooms for lepers.
We have won many lepers to the Lord. They love
to pray for their brothers and sisters in Christ,
they have prayer meetings everyday. We clothe,
feed, and room the lepers, but none of this would
be possible without support. If you feel lead of the
Lord to donate to this ministry please go to the

us page.  The Lord is working
miracles with the lepers.
Harbor Evangelism International